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The larger Houston area plays a big role in the global energy industry. The city hosts some of Houston’s energy providers and Fortune 500 companies scattered across the city. Besides, Houston has a lot to offer, from sports events, shopping, recreation parks and a vibrant nightlife. Furthermore, whether resident or business owner, all need electricity for their day-to-day life and operations.

Understanding the electricity rates in Houston can be a challenging affair at first. At Evol Power, our job is to provide you with high-quality energy management services that can help your business reduce operating costs. Understanding the electric company rates in your area will make the process of choosing an energy plan much easier.

Energy Deregulation in Houston

The enactment of Senate Bill 7 by the Texas Senate in 2002 gave Houston residents the power to choose their preferred electricity supplier. As residents continued to receive the delivery of their energy via their utility, the new law opened the market to competition.

Retail Electric Providers (REPs) or new suppliers now offer more flexible plans, rates, and alternatives unlike in the past. This has helped lower the cost of energy for Texans. But transmission and distribution utilities are still responsible for reading meters, maintenance, emergency response and interruption of services.

Houston Energy Providers

Before settling in a new home or business, Houston residents can choose the best power company for their energy needs. Among the rates is the fixed supply rate. It offers the same rate per kWh every month. It doesn’t fluctuate with the energy market nor change during your contract. This type of fixed-rate supply plan is common in many Houston energy providers.

The variable supply rate is another popular option. You may choose this rate as its changes reflect market prices. An increase in market prices will lead to an increase in your rate per kWh. But you will enjoy a lower supply rate from a decrease in market prices.

Or maybe you need a plan that doesn’t involve credit checks or a deposit. You may also prefer a plan offering a pay-as-you-go pricing or an extended contract type of plan. Evol Power can help you understand the various options available.

Electricity Providers in Houston

Houston is home to several REPs including,

  • Infinite Energy
  • Texans Energy
  • PennyWise power
  • Amigo Energy
  • Discount Power
  • Our Energy
  • 4 Change Energy
  • Tara Energy

Average Usage Levels

The average monthly usage level is the amount of energy your household consumes in a month. If you don’t know your average monthly usage level, you could be spending more than is necessary on your electric bill. Despite most households not consuming the electricity they’re billed, utility providers will often advertise rates associated with the highest usage levels. Such rates tend to be on the lower side.

You can sort, filter, and shop by pricing at your precise consumption level. This will allow you to shop and compare electricity plans based on the rates you’ll certainly experience on your bill. Taxes and hidden fees are inclusive. This guarantees you’re not misguided by the cheaper rates electric providers often advertise. Introductory rates are often associated with higher usage levels which many consumers never enjoy. This is because their usage level never reaches that pricing tier.

Despite Houston being part of the 85 percent of Texas residents that is deregulated, not all Houston residents have the privilege to choose their electricity provider.

Evol Power Clients can save up to 35% on their electric bills. Finding the lowest electric rate should be fast, free, and simple… and now, it finally is. Call us or fill out our Free Consultation Form.

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