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Austin was one of the areas that greatly benefited from the passing of the so-called Bill 7 in 2002. This bill is responsible for the deregulation of the Texas electricity market. As owner of a home or business in Austin, you can decide which company supplies your electricity. Delivery still remains with the utility, but that hardly takes away the benefits you earn from the market deregulation.

All you have to do now is compare electricity rates in Austin and look into the cheapest provider that addresses your home’s or company’s needs. Luckily, with the bill being several years old now, there are a lot of players on the market offering great service and low rates that still keep decreasing.


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The variety is incredible. You can find plans with fixed and variable rates, and long- and short-term packages. You can even choose to use conventional electricity or renewable energy sources.

Energy Industry in Austin

The average commercial, residential, and industrial electricity rates in Austin are 8.75, 10.44, and 5.87 c/kWh, respectively. The average commercial rate is a little higher (by 7.23%) than the Texas average (8.16 c/kWh) but lower (by 13.28%) than the national average (10.09 c/kWh). The average residential rate is lower (by 4.92% and 12.12%, respectively) than both the state and national averages (10.98 and 11.88 c/kWh, respectively). Finally, the average industrial rate is a bit more (by 5.39%) than the Texas average (5.57 c/kWh) but a lot less (11.99%) than the national average (6.67 c/kWh).

What to Expect to See on Your Bill

Naturally, heating costs tend to go up during winter, but the spike is not as substantial as that in the cost of air conditioning during summer. If you are familiar with summers in Austin, you know you need to prepare for the exceptionally hot weather, when temperatures can go way over 100 degrees, and that typically lasts from July to September. In addition, the average cost of electricity and heating for an apartment measuring more or less 900 square feet is anywhere between $90 to $210.

Base Rate Reduction of 2016

In August 2016, the Austin City Council put into effect a reduction in electric base rates. This did and still do apply to all residences and businesses in Austin. This was done partly by changing over from seasonal to annual energy and demand rates, and the resulting rates are applied throughout the year.

As a result, most home and company owners can expect summer electricity bill spikes to not be as drastic as before. Moreover, monthly bills are relatively more predictable with this move by the City Council.

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