XOOM Energy Electricity Rates

XOOM Energy Electricity Rates

Hailed as the fastest-growing private energy company in 2015 by Inc. 500, XOOM Energy is a group of firms offering natural gas, electricity, and renewable energy to residential and commercial properties in many locations in North America.

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XOOM Energy plans are available for homes and big and small businesses. These packages can have fixed or variable rates, and they include renewable energy, solar energy, and carbon-free energy.

This provider currently provides products and services in 19 states plus DC. They work with over 90 utilities, thus reaching a huge number of customers.

XOOM Energy rates are known to be quite reasonable and competitive, and you can easily check them out by going to their website and entering your zip code. If you live in a serviced area, you should see a list of available plans right away.

Renewable Energy

XOOM Energy offers SimpleClean, with which you can use electricity derived from sustainable natural resources. To be specific, half of the electricity under SimpleClean comes from sustainable sources.

Carbon-free Energy

XOOM Energy allows you to offset your property’s carbon footprint with a program called TruEco. Under this, the company buys carbon offsets to cover the carbon footprint of your natural gas usage.

Solar Energy

This option is offered through XOOM Solar and customized specifically to fit each home or business owner’s needs. If interested, you can just enter some pertinent information about your home or business facility and then wait for a representative from the company to get in touch with you. You will have a one-on-one consultation in which you are given the chance to select the right solar system for your property.

XOOM Energy Rewards

The XOOM Energy Rewards program allows you to take advantage of hundreds of thousands of chain restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, and similar establishments. There is a wide variety of special deals here, and each promotion gives you the chance to save while enjoying products and/or services from your favorite brands.

You can also opt for XOOM Energy promo codes instead. You can find these even on third-party websites in the form of coupons, gift cards, discounts, and other attractive deals and promotions.

Indeed, you can find so many ways to save by simply being a client of XOOM Energy. Just always make it a point to check all terms and be careful when giving out private information in dealing with third-party merchants.

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