WTU Retail Energy Electricity Rates

WTU Retail Energy Electricity Rates

This energy provider is a member of the renowned Direct Energy family. This large corporation operates in many different markets across the states and Canada and thus gives WTU Retail Energy the technology, knowledge, and market intelligence to function effectively and efficiently in the markets they serve.

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Commitment to Customers and Communities

As a Direct Energy company, WTU Retail Energy focuses on creating strong and meaningful connections between them and their customers and the communities in which they thrive. According to the company, they strive to provide client-centric services that are affordable and reliable as well. This reflects the philosophy followed by other Direct Energy companies.

WTU Retail Energy Plans

You can work with WTU Retail Energy to power up your home or business. Here are some basic information about the packages they offer.


Like other Direct Energy companies, WTU Retail Energy offers a mix of variable- and fixed-rate plans. By default, the website displays plans for Abilene (You can tweak this by entering your own zip code.). You can find term lengths of 12, 24, and 36 months, and there is a month-to-month plan that has no termination fee or contract of any sort. The rates of these plans can vary from 10.9 c/kWh to 11.9 c/kWh.

Home Services

WTU Retail Energy also offers help with such issues as HVAC and plumbing problems. They do installation, preventive maintenance, repairs, and similar jobs. Their website labels their HVAC services as the one-hour HVAC guarantee and the plumbing services as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.


Clients who are interested in signing up for business plans from WTU Retail Energy are forwarded to Direct Energy themselves. We think this is a good thing, given that Direct Energy has been in this industry for a long time, serving more than 240,000 business clients in North America alone (They are present in five Canadian provinces too.).

Decrease Your Spending

In our opinion, WTU Retail Energy rates are very much reasonable and competitive. Nonetheless, it will not hurt to try searching for WTU Retail Energy promo codes online to further save and/or get back some of what you are paying for your energy consumption.

The deals you will find can vary by merchant or the time of year. Sometimes, these can be for discounts, while sometimes, you can find codes for gift cards and similar promotions.

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