Vital Power Electricity Rates

Vital Power Electricity Rates

If you are looking for an energy provider with flexible energy plans, you may want to consider Vital Power. They offer prepaid and postpaid options, and Vital Power energy plans can be 3- or 6-month-rate plans.

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Powering Life

These are energy packages in which the company makes charitable donations on your behalf. Vital Power has a list of charities to which you can regularly donate through Powering Life. You get to choose the organizations to donate to. This ensures that your money goes to groups whose philosophies and missions are aligned with yours.

Rates and Payments

Vital Power rates are known to be among the most competitive in the markets served by the company. They also have an automatic payment option, so you do not need to worry about making one-time payments per cycle. The whole system is secure but nonetheless allows you to enroll even without an ID or your social. You can also access your account online and get up-to-date notifications and important reminders about your account.

Refer a Friend

Like other energy providers in Texas, Vital Power has a referral program in place. The company can give you light credits or additional spending money for successful referrals.

Right now, Vital Power is offering a $30 bill credit for each successful referral, and there is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, so you can get an unlimited amount of credits as well. In addition, you get an additional $10 credit for each successful referral of your referral!

To have your referral count, have your referral call Vital Power to sign up for their own plan. They can provide your account number or your name with your service address. You will get the credit once they make their first payment. The same procedure goes for your referrals’ referrals.

On the Vital Power website, there is a downloadable form for this program. Fill it out and spread it to get many referrals.

Sweet Deals and Perks

This is not the only way to save or enjoy some perks from being a Vital Power client, though. You can also look up Vital Power promo codes online to take advantage of other deals.

Many of these codes come from third-party websites, so make sure that you practice utmost care when giving out your information. Anyway, you are always free to get in touch with Vital Power to validate any promo code you come across.

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