Viridian Energy Electricity Rates

Viridian Energy Electricity Rates

As one of the few energy providers who offer clean energy, Viridian Energy allows you to enjoy all the benefits of electricity, natural gas, or solar power while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

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Enrolling in Viridian Energy energy plans does not entail any fee or service interruptions. Moreover, according to the company, Viridian Energy rates are affordable, and the plans are customizable so that they meet your specific needs as closely as possible.

Switching to Viridian Energy

On the company website, Viridian Energy states that you should not experience any noticeable change by switching to the green energy they offer. You will have the same amount of power, and your utility will continue to deliver power to your lines. Save for the paperwork, nothing should make the transition evident.

Natural Gas

As you use up natural gas, you release emissions, which you can offset with the help of Viridian Energy. The company purchases carbon offsets to balance out the footprint created by your consumption. In addition, Viridian Energy donates to their Simply Right Natural Gas Fund, which supports groups that promote advancements in the natural gas industry.


Viridian Energy can install solar panels on your very roof. With a satellite image of your roof, the Viridian Energy team can give you an estimate of how much you can save. The panels can be installed even without any down payment. The company will be monitoring your facility 24/7 and performing any needed replacements or repairs throughout the life of your contract. These plans are flexible, so you can hopefully find a solar energy plan that suits your requirements and your budget.


Under this program, Viridian Energy buys renewable energy credits on your behalf. On average, this initiative keeps 9,296 lbs of carbon emissions off the atmosphere every year, according to Viridian Energy. This program also comes with a 5% cash back promo.

Opportunities to Save

You can save in many ways as a client of this provider. Viridian Energy promo codes are available on numerous different sites, and obtaining them is quite easy. In one occasion, we revealed a promo code for a free ten-day service simply by visiting Viridian Energy’s website!

Just a word of caution: Many such promo code sites are not affiliated with Viridian Energy, so be wary of those who ask for a substantial amount of personal and/or financial details.

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