Veteran Electricity Rates

Veteran Energy Rates & Plans

A relatively young energy provider, Veteran Energy was established in 2010. This company aims to help make a huge difference in the lives of brave American military members, who courageously put themselves on the line to defend their country and its people.


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Donating to Veteran Support Organizations

Veteran Energy hatched the brilliant idea of providing an indispensable need for homes and businesses (energy) to help military veterans acquire their own needs. Part of what you pay on your Veteran Energy bill is donated to a veteran support organization, which you also get to choose.

The company highlights the three main advantages of working with Veteran Energy. You get affordable rates, great client service, and a role in the nation’s support for its military members.

Supporting Affinity Partners

Veteran Energy has so-called affinity partners, whom you get to help fulfill their objectives of giving back to veterans with your support. Veteran Energy also performs volunteer work for these partners.

The current affinity partners of Veteran Energy include Lone Survivor Foundation, Paws for Heroes, Fisher House, and Lone Star Veterans Association, among others.

Service Areas

Veteran Energy plans are available for homes and enterprises in the following Texas areas: Houston, DFW area, West Texas, South Texas, and the Valley. Veteran Energy works with energy transmission and distribution companies CenterPoint, AEP Central, Oncor, AEP North, and TNMP.

Veteran Energy Plans

Home and business owners have a lot of options to choose from. Veteran Energy rates vary by distributor and other factors. Rates can range from 8 c/kWh to 15 c/kWh, and term lengths also differ greatly.

Veteran Energy also offers various solutions, and these include protection plans, LED bulbs, Nest devices, and the Green Choice plan. You are highly encouraged to check these out as you get to not only give back to the country’s veterans but also help protect the environment.

Saving with Veteran Energy

With the rising cost of energy and the seasonality of energy consumption, you surely are looking for Veteran Energy promo codes and other means of reducing your monthly electricity bill.

Promo codes for Veteran Energy can be relatively scarce in comparison with those of other providers, so you should always be on the lookout for them. Check the Veteran Energy website and third-party vendors, such as coupon sites. If you are lucky, you can get bill credits, discounts, gift coupons, and other deals.

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