Verde Energy Electricity Rates

Verde Energy Electricity Rates

Verde Energy started out as a humble firm in 2009. Now, this independent electricity supplier serves more than 250,000 active clients in Texas and several other states. The company is based in Connecticut, but it has a Houston, Texas office, which handles all concerns of Texas-based customers.

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The company focuses on keeping their rates competitive while providing opportunities for consumers to take advantage of renewable energy resources. Verde Energy also offers free tips for conserving energy and improving efficiency.

Partner Utilities

Verde Energy works with the following utility companies. Please get in touch with these firms in case of power outages.

  • Texas New Mexico Power
  • Oncor Electric Delivery
  • AEP
  • CenterPoint Energy
  • Sharyland Utilities


At present, there is no information on the Verde Energy website about their fixed-rate residential energy plans and their 100% green energy product. However, they do have a form for prospective business customers.

Verde Energy energy plans are for small businesses, and these packages offer competitive fixed rates. The good thing about signing up for fixed-rate plans is that your business does not have to suffer from the effects of sudden fluctuations in energy prices in your location.

Moreover, because Verde Energy rates for their business customers are fixed, you can easily forecast during budgeting because you already have an idea about your consumption and amount spent every month.

If you cannot fill out or submit the enrollment form on the company’s website, you may email them directly instead to request a quote.

Online Account Access

You can create an online account on the Verde Energy website once you become a client. Through this site, you can find out your usage, pay your bill, and make changes to your account in a convenient manner.

Referral Program

Like other retail energy providers, Verde Energy has a referral program in place. The reward is relatively high at $50 per successful referral (The common amount is $25.). Take note that this program applies only if you refer friends to sign up for Verde Energy’s 100% green energy product. You can participate in this program on both mobile (app) and desktop.

Perks of Verde Energy Clients

Verde Energy promo codes can be found online on several different websites. These codes can be for coupons, discounts, gift cards, prepaid cash cards, and more. They are also relatively quick and easy to get. Sometimes, it is as simple as clicking a link or entering a valid email address.

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