V247 Power Electricity Rates

V247 Power Electricity Rates

V247 Power was founded in 2012. The focus of the company is on delivering innovative products and services to their clients using advanced technology. According to V247 Power, they always strive to develop efficient solutions to keep the trust and respect of their clients, partners, and vendors.

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V247 Power Energy Plans

Residential and commercial customers can choose among several V247 Power energy plans to suit their needs. While these plans do have unique characteristics each, they do share some common features.

Accounts can be accessed by customers online, and plans come with 24/7 multi-app payment. These plans were also designed to be as transparent as possible, and clients can consult trained customer service agents from V247 Power when needed. Signing up is also not as fussy as with other energy providers.

Free Electricity for 100 Days

One of the things that make V247 Power a competitive energy provider is that they give free electricity during weekends. The 100 days declared on their site is based on “an average of two free days per weekend with 52 weeks per year.” This is a separate package called the Free Weekends Plan, and this is available for all clients with Smart Meter technology.

Free Nights

V247 Power also provides free electricity from 8PM CST to 4:59AM CST. Additional details are available on the company website.


V247 Power offers fixed-rate energy plans for residential consumers. These are ideal for those who want to avoid the added cost that may be incurred by swings in energy prices.


Owners of small businesses can get in touch with V247 Power to work out a plan that matches their company requirements as closely as possible.

Referral Bonus

Each successful referral can get you a $25 bill credit. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, so there is also no limit on how much you can earn.

V247 Power Rates

The rates offered for residential customers are fixed by plan. Meanwhile, commercial clients may be given a little more flexibility, depending on the package they agree on with V247 Power.

Promo Codes and Other Special Deals

V247 Power promo codes can be found with just a few clicks online. Some of these are discount codes, some are coupon codes, and some are for other types of seasonal deals. You can find them on many different websites, and you should not have a hard time using codes from legitimate sites.

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