US Energy Savings Electricity Rates

US Energy Savings Electricity Rates

Formerly known as Just Energy, US Energy Savings now operates through Momentis, its subsidiary. It has markets in New York, Ohio, Illinois, and Ontario (Canada). US Energy Savings offers electricity price protection programs for residential and business customers.

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US Energy Savings came about in 2007, when Just Energy decided to change its name. Now, US Energy Savings is considered a subsidiary of Just Energy.

US Energy Savings Energy Plans

The company offers a variety of energy plans for homes and businesses. These packages have different term lengths and conditions, which were set in such a manner to cover as many clients as possible. US Energy Savings always tries to be as inclusive as possible when devising energy plans, and their current packages reflect their desire to address the needs of a wide range of consumers.

US Energy Savings Rates

The rates attached to US Energy Savings’ plans can vary a lot depending on the type of plan you are getting. In general, the longer the contract term, the cheaper the rate. However, this is not always followed because there are many other factors affecting energy prices and plan rates.

The first thing you need to do is assess your usage or consumption pattern. Sometimes, a higher rate may be better than an affordable one if it means added flexibility or versatility. Always evaluate the terms of each plan instead of basing your decision purely on the rate.

Customer Service

Clients of US Energy Savings say that they are quite satisfied with the quality of the company’s service. This may be one of the reasons US Energy Savings has managed to stay in the business for this long.

In addition, Just Energy is a reputable brand, which helps make US Energy Savings look even better to existing and prospective clients. If current conditions continue, the company may grow even more in the coming years.

US Energy Savings Promo Codes

You can easily find US Energy Savings promo codes if you know where to look. A simple search online should reveal numerous sites that claim to have promo codes for this energy provider.

Feel free to validate each promotion to see if you are dealing with a legitimate merchant before divulging any sensitive information (if asked). However, promo codes are generally easy to get. Websites often just ask you to supply your email address or visit a certain site.

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