TXU Energy Electricity Rates

TXU Energy Rates

Formerly known as the Dallas Electric Lighting Company, TXU Energy has been around for centuries. They were established in 1882 and has been serving the state of Texas since then despite having gone through many big and small changes, including mergers, technological advancements, and energy deregulation. TXU Energy became a certified retail energy provider on January 1, 2002, and they remain as firmly established as before.


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TXU Energy Plans

We looked at some TXU Energy plans for Fort Worth, TX (zip code 76133) to have an idea of what their packages look like. For this area, seven plans are available.

Their rates range from 8.9 c/kWh to 13.5 c/kWh. There are two month-to-month plans, and the rest have term lengths of 10 and 12 months.


The featured plan is called Free Nights & Solar Days 12, which is named so because 100% of the energy consumed at night is free and you consume solar power during the day. It comes with a special offer of a $50 prepaid card bonus from Visa. The rate is 13.5 c/kWh, and the contract length is 12 months.


One of the special offers is named Solar Value 12. This plan also supports solar energy in Texas. The rate is a low $8.9 c/kWh, and the term length is 12 months. The special offer that comes with it is a $25 prepaid card bonus from Visa.


One of the two month-to-month plans available is called MarketEdge (natural gas), which TXU Energy says combines “freedom and flexibility.” The rate is 10.4 c/kWh, and there is understandably no early cancellation fee. Under this plan, you get monthly email alerts, and switching plans in cases of gas price hikes is reportedly easy.

As per the standard, all the information you need before signing up for plans, namely, the terms of service, your rights as consumer, and the EFLs, are all on the TXU Energy website.

Saving with TXU Energy

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Always look for great deals when you can because although TXU Energy rates are by no means prohibitive, it would still be in your best interest to find ways to reduce your bill or somehow “recover” part of what you have already paid.

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