True Electric Electricity Rates

True Electric Electricity Rates

Founded in 2009 in Texas, True Electric provides customers green energy and remains committed to exploring how they can continue to produce sufficient power for a growing number of clients while minimizing their carbon footprint.

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Natural Gas

True Electric energy plans mainly cover green energy, including natural gas. As a retail energy provider in one of the states with the most utilization of renewable energy, True Electric wants to be environmentally conscious.

The company continues to explore how they can harness natural gas effectively and efficiently for the benefit of both the planet and their loyal customers. Moreover, their energy is derived domestically, so they are also helping, in terms of economical progress, the community in which they thrive.

Despite these substantial steps to supplying green energy, True Electric rates remain highly competitive. We encourage you to try them out if you are a conscientious citizen with real concern for the environment that we are leaving to our children.

Energy Plans

True Electric has a nice mix of energy plans designed to suit the requirements of a varied range of consumers. You can choose among different term rates, term lengths, and other features to make sure you end up with a package that matches your consumption pattern, budget, and even risk tolerance.

Client Service

True Electric prides itself in having highly competent staff. These people are noticeably cheerful and friendly and can patiently explain to you how their plans work. You can call them anytime during work hours and ask away. Find out the nitty-gritty of each plan to ensure that you are not missing any important detail that may have a significant effect throughout your contract term.

Online Account Management

True Electric customers can sign up for an account on the company’s website. This online portal allows you to check the status of your account, reach True Electric, and make certain changes, just to name a few. You can also view and pay your bill and check out your usage even before your cutoff.

Reward Yourself

True Electric does more than just provide 100% domestically generated green power. You may get the chance to decrease your bill by a certain amount or win cool giveaways and other deals. True Electric promo codes can be searched online, and they are for many different promotions lasting varying durations, so it is best if you could regularly check and see if there is any new offer.

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