Texans Energy Electricity Rates

Texans Energy Electricity Rates

A family-owned business established in 2007, Texans Energy remains a relatively small company with a very intimate culture and family-like treatment of their customers. At present, Texans Energy serves over 40,000 consumers, and this number continues to grow as the company constantly innovates and improves their services and client relationships.

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Residential Plans

You can find numerous plans designed for homes. On the Texans Energy website, just enter your zip code to see packages meant for your area. These plans have varying rates, term lengths, and unique features.

Commercial Plans

Texans Energy has been serving numerous business customers, including internationally renowned brands, such as Comcast, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Holiday Inn, Sonic, and Marriott, just to name a few.

These high-profile customers only prove what a trustworthy and reliable energy provider Texans Energy really is.

To find out how Texans Energy can help you maximize energy for your business while keeping costs down and efficiency up, get in touch with them and talk to one of their trained representatives.

The Team

The people behind Texans Energy have more than 50 years of experience in the industry. As Texans Energy, they have been offering reasonably priced electricity to residential and business customers in deregulated Texas markets.

The company prioritizes customer service, so they have been focusing at enhancing the way they communicate with existing and prospective clients. According to Texans Energy, they want each customer communication or transaction to be a memorable one.

Experience and Expertise

Texans Energy claims that it is their experience and expertise that has made them a trusted and reliable energy provider to the tens of thousands of customers that they have now.

Texans Energy says that it is also experience that has given them substantial market knowledge, which in turn allows them to price Texans Energy plans competitively. You will notice that Texans Energy rates are indeed very reasonably priced. This may be one of the most important reasons for the continuing increase in the client base of Texans Energy.


Texans Energy has been recognized many times for their effort in serving their customers. They have been praised at the national Energy Marketing Conference (2017), by the BBB, and more.

Being Practical with Texans Energy

You can try searching for Texans Energy promo codes on various websites. Depending on the season or merchant, these codes can give you freebies, discounts, coupons, and the like.

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