Tara Energy Electricity Rates

Tara Energy Electricity Rates

A subsidiary of the Just Energy Group, Tara Energy is a large and established energy provider with millions of active clients in the US (direct and through affiliate firms). This company was launched in 2002 and has since expanded rapidly and flourished substantially in the Texas market.

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Tara Energy is dedicated to delivering services with integrity, respect, and honesty. They promise to place your needs before theirs as they initiate engaging activities for communities.

Energy Plans

Tara Energy energy plans are available for residential and commercial clients. If you are looking into signing up for Tara Energy’s services, you can sign up online or over the phone. They have representatives who speak multiple languages and can assist you over the phone.

Tara Energy rates are also competitive, and this is one of the factors that have kept them going for quite a while now. In addition, the company very actively rolls out initiatives every now and then to highlight the importance and benefits of reducing electricity costs. For example, today, they have posts on their website discussing how to conserve power and thus cut down bills during winter.

Perks of Tara Energy Clients

Tara Energy promo codes are easily searchable online. You can find codes for discounts, gift cards, and other neat deals and promotions. These differ from time to time.


For example, right now, Tara Energy has a promotional offer that is exclusively for residential clients who are members of AAA. This program lets AAA clients get 2 free LED bulbs, 5,000 introductory points into the Just Energy Perks program, 2,000 added Just Energy Perks points each quarter, and exclusive electricity rates.


Tara Energy gives existing clients a chance to earn a $25 bill credit for each new customer they refer to the company. Each successful referral gets their own $25 bill credit if they enroll over the phone or online.

When referring a friend, make sure to let them know that they need to enter a referral code when enrolling online. If they decide to enroll over the phone, they need to read the referral code to the representative who will be processing their application.

Your (the referring customer) bill credit should show on your bill 4 to 8 weeks after your referral begins getting power from Tara Energy. Contact the company for more details about this promo, especially the relevant terms and conditions.

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