SouthWest Power & Light Electricity Rates

SouthWest Power & Light Electricity Rates

Simply known as SWPL, SouthWest Power & Light offers energy plans for homes and businesses. They have become a well-known company in the industry and continue to provide top-notch service to this day.

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The company offers fixed-rate plans for residential consumers. Contract term lengths can vary between a month to 36 months. These are great for both settled and on-the-go families who may not prefer committing to long-term contracts.


SouthWest Power & Light offers their services to businesses of any size. Small firms get to have detailed billing plus competitive plans and rates. Moreover, they get to take advantage of SouthWest Power & Light’s B2B business portal.

Meanwhile, big companies benefit from energy reporting and customized energy solutions. Large firms also get to exploit the company’s B2B account portal.

Referral Bonus

Under the Refer-a-Friend program by SouthWest Power & Light, you can save by referring people to the company as new customers. Each time a referral of yours becomes a client of SWPL, you get a $25 rebate on your bill. Each successful referral also gets the same reward on their bill.

On the company website, you can enter up to five referrals in one go. Just make sure that you have all the pertinent information ready, such as names and email addresses.

Tree Planting

This energy provider is one of the few who combine their provision of services with their efforts in saving the environment. SouthWest Power & Light has been working with the Arbor Day Foundation for years now, sponsoring trees on behalf of their consumers.

For every 1,000 kWh consumed by clients signed up for any SouthWest Power & Light Plant-a-Tree plan, the Arbor Day Foundation plants one tree. The average electricity consumption in a Texas home is around 18,000 kWh. Based on this figure, 18 trees can be planted on your behalf every year. Imagine what good that can do!

Outstanding Customer Service

Many of the existing clients of SouthWest Power & Light commend the company for its customer service quality. This is not surprising, given the effort that SWPL puts into training their staff to equip them with the skills necessary to deliver satisfaction to consumers.

Promo Codes

SouthWest Power & Light promo codes are all over the internet, provided you know how and where to look. There are many trusted websites offering promo codes from various energy providers, so it is best for you to verify which ones are legit.

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