Source Power & Gas Electricity Rates

Source Power & Gas Electricity Rates

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Established in 2011, Source Power & Gas continues to serve commercial energy customers in various deregulated markets in the US. They operate in Texas, Ohio, New Jersey, Delaware, DC, Illinois, Maryland, and Pennsylvania through Oncor, CenterPoint, AEP Central, AEP North, TNMP, and Nueces Electric Cooperative.

Source Power & Gas energy plans are meant for businesses consuming more than 16,667 kWh per month or 200,000 kWh per year.


Source Power & Gas is a Texas-based retail energy provider. According to the company, their team consists of driven individuals with substantial industry experience and market knowledge. They aim to use these advantages, together with their strong financial background, to continue providing superior services to customers. Source Power & Gas is owned by ERM Power Limited, an energy company from Australia.


If you are interested in signing up for Source Power & Gas’s commercial energy plans, you may use their website to request a quote or ring them up at (888) 557-0065. You may have to pay a deposit, depending on whether your credit qualifies. Also, some plans have monthly fees, and some may not.

Move-in vs. Switching

When enrolling for a Source Power & Gas plan, you will be asked whether your inquiry is for a switch or a move-in. Switch means you currently have service in the location in your location. A move-in means there is presently no service in the location in question or there is service but you want it transferred to your name.

Expedited Service

You can ask your local utility for expedited service. This can be done even for meters with no remote access, but that takes at least two business days given good weather and workload.

Added Fees to Pay

Whether you need to pay extra for choosing Source Power & Gas as your energy provider depends on whether you are signing up for new service or switching from a different provider. You may also be charged if you request expedited services, new meter installation, or scheduled switching date.

Source Power & Gas Rates

The company’s rates appear to be among the most reasonable on the market right now, but you can still look for ways through which you can reduce your spending. For example, Source Power & Gas promo codes can be found online from time to time. You can use these to get rewards and other perks, which may include discounts and other deals.

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