Get the best energy use contract and conditions for your business

Terms and Conditions

We negotiate the terms and conditions of your contract with your chosen energy supplier. This may include the rates, repairs, provisions, risk management, etc. We negotiate for your benefit and ensure that you also understand the terms of the contract.

Competitive Rates and Pricing

We negotiate rates to get you the best price possible. The energy market is very competitive and many different suppliers will be looking to gain a new contract. We use this competition to our advantage to get you the best rates possible.

Navigating Contracts

Navigating and understanding a contract is not easy especially if you don’t have knowledge of the field or market. We read through all the fine print and identify potential problems or terms that are not fair or good for your business. We negotiate these terms and ensure that our clients also understand them.

Successful Communication

Because we work with energy suppliers on a daily basis, we are in a great position to successfully communicate with them regarding contracts. We understand their documents and terms and how they work. This makes it a lot easier to negotiate.

Contract Negotiation Expertise

Negotiating the terms of a contract is difficult if you don’t understand where the other party is coming from. Our team is expertly versed in the energy market and they are uniquely qualified and experienced to negotiate on your behalf. Not only do we try and get you the best possible rates and conditions, but we also help you when contractual events like breaches occur. Our experience is very valuable and very necessary to get you the best possible agreement with the energy supplier of your choice. Let us take care of the fine print while you focus on more important business matters.

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If you want a new energy supplier but fear all the legal aspects and contracts, you need to call Evol Power today! We take care of all the documentation and legal negotiations so you don’t need to.

Why Us?

Energy Market Experts

Our team knows everything there is to know about the energy market and energy suppliers. They understand the processes, the terms, the conditions, the rates, and more. They know exactly what can be negotiated and what not. Their expertise allows for contract negotiations that benefit the client.

Fight for the Client

The client is our priority and we will fight on your behalf. Our negotiations always aim to benefit you as much as possible. We understand that you are carrying risk with your energy contract and want to ensure that your contract covers all the important aspects.

Legal Knowledge

We have the legal knowledge to assist in the understanding of contracts as well as how to negotiate for better terms and conditions. The legal knowledge further sets us apart to make the best decisions for our clients and negotiate the terms that will meet their needs.

Great Success Rate

Evol Power has a great success rate when it comes to negotiating contracts that both the client and the supplier approve. We pride ourselves on great negotiation skills and know-how which enables us to get you the terms that will best suit your business.