Reliant Electricity Rates

Reliant Electricity Rates

Providing power to more than a million customers in Texas, Reliant is one of the biggest, most established energy providers you can find. Reliant energy plans are designed for the benefit of homeowners and business owners. Reliant rates are also competitive, and the company itself makes steps to help its customers reduce their consumption of and spending on energy.

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24/7 Customer Service

Reliant has client support representatives that are available round the clock. After all, energy-related emergencies can happen anytime, so it is important to have staff you can call whenever these things take place.

Summary Emails

Every week, Reliant sends summary emails to its clients. These emails show estimated bill amounts to help customers manage their consumption and budgeting better.

Upfront Pricing

Reliant continuously strives to make their bills easy to understand. Pricing information is prominently displayed to avoid confusion, and terms are explained well so that there are no surprises regarding the amounts due.

Customer Perks

According to Reliant, they offer plenty of opportunities to save for their existing customers, and this brings us to our next point…

Being Practical with Reliant

Cutting down on electricity costs is easy because Reliant promo codes abound. The energy provider’s website itself provides plenty of timely details of any ongoing promotion.

Sweet Deal Plan

An example of such an initiative is the so-called Reliant Sweet Deal plan, which lets you get the equivalent of one month of free electricity with a quick and easy submission of a promo code.

Promo Codes

Reliant also has a website that is dedicated solely to Reliant promo codes. You can get as much as a $50 rebate, for example, on your bill if you are a new customer.

Take note that these promos can change anytime, though, so it is always best to check every now and then to make sure that you are minimizing your energy costs by as much as possible.

Degrees of Difference

This program allows you to earn bill credits by implementing changes requested by Reliant during certain periods. These changes are geared toward reducing energy consumption and thus improving efficiency and helping keep the grid in good condition.

For example, you may receive a notice of anticipated high electricity demand with an accompanying note to lower your thermostat by a certain number of degrees. If you do as the notice says, then you get the credit specified by Reliant.

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