Power to Choose

Power to Choose

As shown on the Power to Choose website, they are “the official and unbiased electric choice website of the Public Utility Commission of Texas.” Its primary aim is to display energy plans from different providers (who can submit their plan information and have it shown online for free) and allow Texas consumers to compare electric rates and choose packages.


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At the same time, Power to Choose aims to educate consumers, home and business owners alike, about energy. You can also find information about renewable energy and tips about short- and long-term electricity cost saving for homes and businesses.

Shopping Guide

Power to Choose also provides some information you need to know when choosing residential or business energy plans, down to the very questions you need to ask.

Industry Scorecard

This scorecard is very much similar to “star” ratings you can find on e-commerce sites. The more dots (total of 5) a provider has, the happier its clients are.

Renewable Energy

You can choose to utilize green or environmentally friendly power to run your property. Many providers can even put up wind turbines and solar panels for your home or business. In addition, Power to Choose gives you information about selling any surplus in renewable power. This only goes to show the commitment of the state to reducing its environmental impact.

Smart Meter Texas

An affiliate of Power to Choose, Smart Meter Texas allows you to determine and even share your usage details. The website saves your information using so-called digital electric meters or simply “smart meters.” With this program, you get to learn more about your consumption and budget and adjust accordingly.

Power to Save

The link to Power to Save directs you to an external website (read: not controlled by the PUC) that contains useful tools and valuable information.

Savings Calculator

The savings calculator merely asks for estimated cooling and heating temperatures, average usage (in kWh), and the like to produce bill estimates. It also allows you to see how much you can save by working with a specific provider or by reducing your use of certain appliances.

Energy Conservation Tips

Energy Star is a program launched by the US EPA and managed by the founders together with the Department of Energy. The Power to Save site gives you access to an interactive feature that you can use with an updated Flash player. This tool shows a typical home and shows energy saving tips for whatever room or part of the house you click.

News on Grid Conditions

The main objective of Power to Save in keeping residents updated about grid conditions is to keep everyone aware of the conditions that may affect power supply and let people know what they can do to help keep the grid in great condition.

This feature has alerts in different stages, such as normal, warning, and emergency. There are also conservation alerts. This way, residents and business owners are updated about the current state of the grid and can all contribute actions in case the need arises.

Texas Power Partner

This initiative is mainly directed toward small businesses and focuses on reducing energy consumption especially during peak periods.

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