Power Express Electricity Rates

Power Express Electricity Rates

As a well-known energy provider, Power Express proudly gives the assurance that they remain transparent regarding their prices. This is important, given that many energy providers are notorious for having shady or downright deceptive pricing policies.

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Power Express also promises solving reported problems within two business days. Nowadays, energy providers receive a huge influx of inquiries from many customers that it is becoming hard for them to respond in a timely manner. Fortunately, Power Express guarantees to spare you from the stress that this situation often causes.

The company also promises treating each and every client with integrity and respect. Power Express is confident enough about their commitment to fulfilling these promises that they are offering to give you a special treat in case they fail to satisfy any of these guarantees. Right now, that treat is a $30 Visa gift card.


You can contact the company for residential and commercial Power Express energy plans.


The company’s packages for residential customers can vary a lot by area, but you can easily get a quote by following the prompts on their website. To give you an idea, we took a look at the #SMILE12 plan, which costs $78 per month. The rate for an apartment is around 8.5 c/kWh for a monthly consumption of 1,000 kWh. In addition, there is a bill credit if you use over 800 kWh in a month. Power Express rates for residences are quite competitive because of this.


Power Express services buildings and other properties in the industrial, entertainment, professional, and real estate fields. Each plan comes with helpful features that allow you, as the business or facility owner, to learn how your company or tenants consume energy and help you figure out the best plan that works for your needs.

Saving with Power Express

There is always an opportunity to save regardless of how competitive a company’s rates are. Fortunately, Power Express promo codes are easily searchable. A few clicks on your favorite search engine should immediately pull up a list of sites offering deals including discounts, gift cards, and other irresistible promotions.

These promo codes may be available to all customers of Power Express, but some are available to certain plan types only. It is always ideal to check your preferred promo code site regularly to make sure that you are updated about the latest from Power Express.

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