Pioneer Energy Electricity Rates

Pioneer Energy Electricity Rates

Pioneer Energy energy plans are targeted toward homes and small businesses. These packages were put together by a team of talented and insightful industry experts who aim to give you the best solutions available.

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These plans were also designed to be as simple as possible to avoid confusing consumers. With over 25 years of relevant experience, the group behind Pioneer Energy already knows how to effectively communicate with their client base.

Pioneer Energy works with CenterPoint Energy, TNMP, Oncor, and AEP, covering Houston and the DFW area and their vicinities, and south and west Texas.

Residential Plans

Pioneer Energy’s energy packages for homes vary a lot, which is always good for deregulated markets. If you are looking into signing up for one of their residential energy plans, you can choose among fixed-rate, variable-rate, and contract-free variable-rate plans. We can see that Pioneer Energy did do their best to have something for everyone.

Just to see what kind of plans are available, we used a sample zip code 77018. Four plans came up: 12-, 18-, 24-, and 36-month plans with fixed rates. The Pioneer Energy rates for these packages range from 10.9 c/kWh to 12.6 c/kWh. The longer the term, the cheaper the rate.

The early termination fee is $250 for all four plans, and the aforementioned rates are based on an average monthly usage of 2000 kWh.

Commercial Plans

Pioneer Energy provides electricity for businesses too. Although their website’s filter includes a radio button for pulling up business plans, it does not function. You still have to fill out their form, and they will get back to you to talk about their rates.

Deposit Payments

A deposit may be needed, depending on your credit. Pioneer Energy conducts a soft pull (does not impact your score) via Experian.

Partnering with Pioneer Energy

The company also welcomes brokers who wish to partner with them. By working hand-in-hand with Pioneer Energy, you get to earn more while offering the good service and added savings that the company promises to your network.

Pioneer Energy Promo Codes

Pioneer Energy is a well-known company, so it is not surprising to see a proliferation of promo codes. Search for these codes from time to time to reduce your payments (discounts) or benefit from some perks and deals (gift cards, coupons, etc.). Then, pull up the Pioneer Energy website and enter the code in their filter to apply it to your succeeding transaction.

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