Pennywise Power Electricity Rates

Pennywise Power Electricity Rates

Pennywise Power energy plans offer electricity for residential customers. According to their website, the company was founded to provide no-fuss energy packages for consumers. Pennywise Power focuses on offering dependable service instead of trying to squeeze in a lot of unnecessary extras, so you save a lot in the process.

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Sample Plans

We pulled up energy plans offered by Pennywise Power to residents in the 77018 area to get an idea of what they do. Three plans came up. Two of these have fixed rates, and the other one is a month-to-month plan.

The term lengths of the fixed-rate plans are 12 and 24 months, whose cancellation fees are $150 and $200, respectively. Meanwhile, the month-to-month plan is a variable-rate plan with no termination fee. All of these plans feature paperless billing and automatic payment.

The Pennywise Power rates for the 24-month, 12-month, and month-to-month plans are currently 11.5, 11.2, and 15.3 c/kWh, respectively. These are computed with an assumed monthly average usage of 2000 kWh.


A deposit may be required if your credit does not qualify for a deposit waiver or if Pennywise Power cannot locate you at the credit bureaus. You will be notified during your enrollment online if you will have to pay a deposit. Your application will be temporarily put on hold as the company waits for your payment to register.

Enrollment Process

Pennywise Power accepts applications online. If you are signing up for new service, you can expect service within three business days. If you are switching from another provider, the timeline is within 10 business days. This can further be extended, depending on any required documentation (if any) and your promptness in submitting.

Payment Options

At present, the company allows automatic payment only for all their plans. These are for their regular payments. You can use bank draft or credit card for payments. Pennywise Power accepts Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

For your deposit, you can pay during your online enrollment, by phone, or through their online account manager. They accommodate LITE-UP clients as well.

Pennywise Power Promo Codes

Pennywise Power is quite generous when it comes to promos. Given the right promo code, you can have a bill credit amounting to as much as $50. You can easily come across these codes online. Sometimes, they are related to certain partners (such as magazines and other businesses) of Pennywise Power.

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