Pennsylvania Power and Light Rates

Pennsylvania Power and Light Rates & Plans

Known as PPL Electric Utilities, this utility company is one of the biggest utility companies. PPL Electric Utilities serves 29 counties so far in central and eastern PA. That translates to more or less 1.4 million consumers and 50,000 miles of power lines.


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Stellar Customer Service

PPL Electric Utilities takes pride in the quality of their customer service. According to the company, they handle more than 7 million client communications annually. Despite this sheer number of interactions, PPL Electric Utilities has so far won 25 JD Power and Associates awards for outstanding residential and business client satisfaction, which is no easy feat.

Internal Improvements

PPL Electric Utilities is also hard at work in ensuring that all their facilities are in mint condition. Projects are carried out from time to time to replace outdated equipment or build new, technologically advanced ones. They have also been investing substantially in improving network security, reliability, and resilience.

Help for the Needy

For several decades now, PPL Electric Utilities has been assisting low-income consumers, helping them pay their heating bills through several PPL Electric Utilities plans and programs. According to PPL Electric Utilities, they spend upward of $70 million every year to help those who are struggling with their bills. If you hope to reduce your bill every month but do not qualify as a low-income household, you can always try looking up PPL Electric Utilities promo codes.

Usage Monitoring

PPL Electric Utilities is reportedly the first ever company to track their clients’ hourly electricity usage. The company has always made it their goal to invest considerably in advanced metering systems to be able to gather hourly data reflecting consumers’ hourly electricity usage.

Valuable Advice

PPL Electric Utilities uses the information gathered by their systems to allow their clients to exploit information. When you know how much you are using up, you will also know how to manipulate it to keep your expenses at a manageable level.

The company also uses this information to develop new services for their consumers. PPL Electric Utilities is also very active in giving advice regarding energy consumption management, consumption reduction, and the like.

A Final Word

PPL Electric Utilities offers a wide range of services covering economic development, supplier affairs, street and area lights, contractor and builder concerns, and electric rates and rules. Luckily, they are active on the most widely used social media platforms, so you can easily get in touch.

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