Pennsylvania Electricity Rates

Compare Pennsylvania Electricity Rates

In Pennsylvania, you’re able to choose your electricity and natural gas suppliers. Once you switch energy suppliers, the only difference you’ll notice will be your commercial electric bill! Over 250,000 businesses in Pennsylvania have already made the switch.

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Understanding the electricity rates in Pennsylvania can be a challenging affair at first. At Evol Power, our job is to provide you with high-quality energy management services that can help your business reduce operating costs. Understanding the electric company rates in your area will make the process of choosing an energy plan much easier.

Need a good reason to switch suppliers? Pennsylvanians can save up to 35% on their energy bills by switching.

Evol Power provides consulting and brokerage services to Pennsylvania clients looking to reduce their business’ operating costs. We don’t believe that one solution works for every business. Instead, we procure the right energy providers to suit your specific needs. We also advise on risk management and sustainability.

Pennsylvania Electricity Rates

Unlike many states, Pennsylvania has had a deregulated energy market way before Bill 7 was passed in 2002. In fact, residents and business owners in this state have been enjoying and exercising their power to choose their own electricity suppliers since 1996.

The good thing about such an established market is that there are surely energy providers that have proven themselves trustworthy and reliable. A simple search will show you a long list of companies offering electricity and service at low rates.

You can sign up for short- and long-term plans, variable and fixed rates, and even other incentives and perks, such as rebates.

PA Power Switch

PA Power Switch is the “official electric shopping website of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.” The website offers many helpful pages that primarily educate and suggest ways to reduce energy cost. They can even alert you about rate changes. It is nearly a one-stop-shop for those who want comprehensive information about the energy market in Pennsylvania.

Education about Switching Providers

One of the primary functions of PA Power Switch is educating consumers about how to switch electricity suppliers and the things they need to do and keep in mind when switching. Regardless of whether you are thinking about switching suppliers for your home or a small or large business, you stand to benefit a lot from this initiative.

General Education

PA Power Switch also offers helpful discussions about the basics of consuming electricity in Pennsylvania. They teach you how to understand terms, rates, and even your very own bill. You can also find details about how to read notices and how to evaluate packages from energy providers.

Ways to Save

The website offers comprehensive and abundant tips in reducing your electricity consumption. There are many general advice, but there are also numerous highly specific ones, which are so detailed down to the material you are supposed to use.

Rights and Protections

Just because you are working with an established provider does not mean that everything is being done correctly. Slip-ups may happen every now and then, and you have to know your rights and the law to protect yourself from any mishap that these lapses can cause. PA Power Switch shows you all you need to know about these issues.

Pennsylvania Energy Statistics

At 10,402 kWh, Pennsylvania’s average yearly electricity consumption is higher than that of New York and New Jersey by 58% and 17%, respectively, but still well behind the national average.

In terms of residential electricity costs, Pennsylvania residents pay more or less 16% more for electricity than does the average American home. Thanks to the weather in the state, easily half of the total electricity consumption goes to space heating. This is followed by appliances and electronics, which account for 32%. Water heaters and air conditioning comprise a combined 18%.

Most business-related electricity is consumed by industrial companies (35%). They are followed by the transportation sector, which uses up 23% of the annual total. Finally, commercial electricity usage accounts for 16.5%.

Energy Saving in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission is on top of the energy consumption reduction efforts in the state. Their job is to give you information and options to help you reduce your energy bill without compromising your household or business requirements.

There are many programs in place that are designed to reduce consumption. These initiatives include offering rebates for the ownership of energy-efficient appliances, audit and weatherization programs, and appliance recycling, just to name a few.

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