OUR Energy Electricity Rates

OUR Energy Electricity Rates

OUR Energy is one of the growing energy providers in Texas. The company was established by a group of individuals with decades of combined experience in the business of retail energy and gas.

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The company uses their relatively small size to their advantage. According to OUR Energy, this allows them to provide customer-centric service, customized billing, and competitive rates.

OUR Energy plans are available for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The company reassures you, the potential client, that OUR Energy rates are reasonable for the average consumer, so you should not have a hard time making your payments.

Residential Plans

To have an idea about OUR Energy’s rates, we looked at what they had available for 77018 (arbitrarily chosen). We found two plans available for this zip code, both of which are with Centerpoint.

The first plan is called Optimal Advantage Plan. The estimated rate for 1,000 kWh/month usage is 11.2 c/kWh, the term length is 12 months, and the early termination fee is $200.

The second is called Advantage Prime 12. The estimated rate for 1,000 kWh/month usage is 9.8 c/kWh, the term length is 12 months, and the early termination fee is $200.

Commercial Plans

You can request free quotes from OUR Energy. The company prides itself in providing commercial energy packages that are custom tailored to your business’ needs. Feel free to get in touch with them to get your free quote right away.

OUR Energy Specials

The company puts up exciting promos all the time to reward loyal customers. Liking or following their social media pages ensures that you get the most up-to-date information about these promos, so this may just be the next thing you need to do after signing up for an OUR Energy plan.

Their specials can be monthly, weekly, or on-the-spot raffles, contests, or giveaways. They typically put these up for mothers’ day, sports events, and other popular events or seasons.

OUR Energy also has a referral program, and it does not have a limit in terms of member credits. You can earn even more than $500. Your successful referrals get bonus signup credits as well.

In addition, OUR Energy promo codes can be found on various sites, and these can be for gift cards, coupons, and the like. All of these are great means of saving and enjoying perks as an OUR Energy client.

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