NOW Power Electricity Rates

NOW Power Electricity Rates

NOW Power energy plans are for individuals and families looking for a flexible and affordable way to take advantage of electricity. This company is a retail electricity provider dedicated to serving deregulated markets in Texas.

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NOW Power rates are comparatively reasonable, which means you should be able to make full use of their prepaid electricity as you deem fit.

Smart Balance 30

This is a prepaid variable-rate electricity plan offered by NOW Power that enables you to save 3 c/kWh* when you keep your account balance at $30 or more. This seemingly small amount can add up in the long run and result in $360 in savings for an entire year.

As this is a prepaid plan, there is naturally no deposit required. NOW Power also does not require an ID or a credit check. In addition, there is no restrictive long-term contract or termination fees.

*based on 2000 kWh monthly usage

Referral Bonus

Like other retail energy providers, NOW Power allows you to earn extra by referring new customers. Under this referral program, your account is credited $30 for each successful referral of yours. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.

Also, for each successful referral of your referral, you earn a $10 credit. Only very few retail electricity providers have this feature. The main bonus itself is great because it is higher than the $25 credit we commonly see from other providers.

LITE-UP and Konnect Center

NOW Power welcomes those who are under the LITE-UP Texas program to help these households secure one of their basic needs while staying within budget. NOW Power is also a partner of Konnect Center, so you can have access to the products and services you need at reduced costs.

Reduce Your Spending

You can further minimize the amount you spend on electricity by looking up NOW Power promo codes. A quick and simple search on your favorite search engine will immediately take you to a list of websites offering these codes in exchange for very simple tasks that should not take too long to do. Sometimes, you merely have to go to a website or answer a short survey to get a code!

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Signing up for prepaid electricity is already a great way of reducing your electricity costs. NOW Power nonetheless offers helpful advice on their website, telling customers how to reduce their consumption.

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