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MP2 Energy Rates & Plans

MP2 Energy is a large firm that has been operating in the energy industry for a long time. According to the company, they aim to give you access to “all aspects of the power markets.” True to their word, MP2 Energy offers a wide range of services that cover generation, retail power, small and large companies, homes, and all the intricacies of their energy needs.


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MP2 Energy Services

Retail Power

MP2 Energy plans are available mainly for commercial businesses, but some are meant for residential property owners. They serve retail power in Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, and Texas. Regardless of whether you have only one meter or hundreds, you can benefit from the use of MP2 Energy’s operations and billing systems. The company can provide a full suite of products, including heat rate, standard fixed price, LMP index, shaped and load following blocks, wholesale blocks, and derivative-based products.


MP2 Energy gets its power supply from solar, wind, natural gas, and landfill gas energy. Under this umbrella, the company provides products and services related to managing and maximizing generation assets (for MP2 Energy’s own and third-party firms’ generation assets), development and consultancy, optimizing and scheduling of client portfolios, and scheduling trades and positions.

Demand Response

With this program, your company’s flexibility can be turned to profit. Basically, you reduce your consumption when electricity delivery infrastructures are maxed out and prices are high. As a result, the community gets a continuous supply of power and you earn more.


This service is available for residential properties, schools and universities, and commercial and industrial businesses. MP2 Energy works with Oncor and CenterPoint to make this possible. There are 24- and 60-month contracts available, in which you are credited for any excess solar energy that your residence supplies to the grid.

Reduce Your Energy Expenses

There is a wide range of hacks you can use to reduce your energy expenses. MP2 Energy rates are by no means infeasible, but it is always best to cut costs where possible. The monthly difference may not be substantial, but the savings add up to a hefty amount over time!

MP2 Energy promo codes can be found in various websites. Depending on where you look, you may be able to score gift cards, coupons, and more. Keep those eyes peeled and always be on the lookout for opportunities to save.

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