LifeEnergy Electricity Rates

LifeEnergy Electricity Rates

This retail energy provider is a Houston (Texas)-based company offering electricity to homes and businesses in deregulated energy markets. The target of LifeEnergy is to become a nationally recognized full-service energy provider.

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Currently, LifeEnergy operates in Washington DC, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Ohio.

For Homes

LifeEnergy offers natural gas, solar, and electricity for residential consumers. They place emphasis on the importance of using electricity generated from renewable sources. Meanwhile, natural gas is considered a vital factor in the move toward carbon-neutral energy because of its reduced amount of carbon emissions, and solar energy has been a widely used alternative power source for a long time.

For Businesses

LifeEnergy has a variety of fixed-rate electricity and natural gas plans for businesses. The company site has an enrollment form for companies. Fill it out and expect a representative from LifeEnergy should be in touch within a maximum of 48 hours.

Signing Up

To enroll for any of the available LifeEnergy energy plans in your area, you can contact the company by phone or online. To sign up on their website, begin by entering your zip code and selecting your preferred plan. From there, you should see instructions detailing how you can finish the enrollment.

If everything goes smoothly, LifeEnergy should process your enrollment request right away. They will also be the one to let your utility know that you are switching providers.

When switching to LifeEnergy from another provider, the timeframe can vary a lot: 3 to 5 days for customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Texas. Meanwhile, the timeframe can be 15 to 45 days in other states. This duration mainly depends on your utility.

Billing and Payment

LifeEnergy bills clients in three ways: by mail, online, and over the phone. When paying online, choose between one-time payments, autopay, and credit card or ACH. If you choose the mail, simply send your check with your account number and the remittance part of the bill you are paying to the LifeEnergy office.

LifeEnergy Rates and Discounts

Although the company does have plans with very competitive rates, LifeEnergy promo codes are still worth giving a try. You can find these codes in many well-known sites. They can be for different benefits as well. Some are for coupons, discounts, freebies, and more. Just make sure to enter your preferred promo code in the LifeEnergy website itself so you can take advantage of the offer contained in the code.

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