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Inspire Energy Rates & Plans

In comparison with most energy providers you hear of today, Inspire Energy is quite new, having incorporated just in 2013. The firm has offices in Philadelphia, PA and Santa Monica, CA and encourages the use of home automation and smart technologies to increase energy efficiency. According to the company, Inspire Energy plans are designed to maximize the way you use energy in your home while allowing you to remain within a reasonable budget.


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Dedication to Use of Renewable Energy

Inspire Energy is committed to promoting the use of green, renewable energy. What they offer in their packages comes from wind farms, which is great because wind power is clean and totally pollution-free. It is also the absolute example of renewable energy because it never runs out.

Inspire Energy wants to find a way to make you experience the benefits of using wind energy even if your home or business is not near a wind farm. They also want to let you contribute to making the environment a little greener. Depending on your home’s consumption, Inspire Energy supplies a certain amount of wind power to the grid per kWh. You may have heard this called renewable energy credits or RECs.

Other green efforts that Inspire Energy engages in include funding research related to renewable energy resources and technologies.

Other Services

In addition, Inspire Energy provides personalized client care and guidance with smart technologies. Transparent pricing is reportedly also a strength of theirs, which is important nowadays, when you are constantly bombarded with contracts swathed in fine print.

Signing Up

You can browse Inspire Energy plans by visiting their website. Once your membership is accepted, you just wait 2 to 4 weeks for your transition to Inspire Energy to take effect. In the meantime, there should be no power interruption at all.

Cutting Back on Energy Expenses

Energy bills can be quite unpredictable and can even soar to unimaginable amounts especially during extreme summers and winters. This is why the company strives to ensure that Inspire Energy rates are feasible for homeowners.

As a practical head of your household, you may be looking for ways to cut back on your expenses, and Inspire Energy promo codes may just be the solution you need. These codes show up every now and then on third-party websites, and depending on the vendor offering the code, you may be able to get gift cards, coupons, and so on.

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