Infinite Energy Rates

Infinite Energy Rates

Infinite Energy energy plans are available in five states, namely, Texas, Florida, New York, Georgia, and New Jersey with the aid of Oncor, AEP Texas Central, AEP Texas North, CenterPoint, and TNMP. This company has been around for a long time, and they offer more than just electricity and natural gas now. They also help you with energy management.


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Infinite Energy takes pride in having in-house teams handle functions that many other competitors usually outsource, such as customer service, trading, and software development. According to the company, Infinite Energy rates and plans were all designed to help you save money and time.

You can work with Infinite Energy to have your home or commercial or industrial business powered. In Texas, the company offers electricity. In its other service areas, they offer natural gas.

Infinite Energy Plans

We took a quick look at some sample packages offered by Infinite Energy to give you an idea of how they can help you. For Texas homes, there are tens of plans available to date. Their rates range from 5.9 c/kWh to 16.5 c/kWh. You can find variable- and fixed-rate plans and a wide variety of term lengths. You can work with them directly as a customer or as a channel partner offering custom plans for your own clients.

Social Responsibility

Infinite Energy is involved in many initiatives that address the various pressing concerns that plague communities. Most of these efforts focus on education. According to Infinite Energy, this is to make their impact as substantial and long-lasting as possible.

Infinite Energy funds scholarships, contributes to foundations and public schools’ STEAM and robotics programs, offers paid volunteer time to employees, and provides tuition reimbursement.

The company also places emphasis on energy conservation solutions for homes. They donate to relevant programs and use environmentally friendly resources in their office itself. All lights in their headquarters turn off automatically, and their parking lot is covered by a solar-covered canopy that produces enough power for 41 Florida homes each year.

Exciting Promos and Other Offers

You can save on your bill and enjoy other perks by taking a look into Infinite Energy promo codes. You can find numerous on different websites, which offer discounts, coupons, and other promotional deals. However, as these codes are given by third-party companies, pay attention to the terms and conditions and be careful when giving out personal and/or financial details.

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