IGS Energy Electricity Rates

IGS Energy Electricity Rates

IGS Energy is an independent energy provider in the US. The company believes that clients hold the key to the future of the energy industry and have faith in the power of the deregulated energy market.

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According to IGS Energy, they are committed to creating plans that best suit their customers’ needs. This promise is apparently one of the things that have kept IGS Energy going for a long time now.

IGS Energy is part of a family of firms working in the energy industry. There are IGS, IGS Solar, IGS Generation, and IGS CNG Services in addition to IGS Energy.

IGS Energy Plans

This firm provides natural gas and electricity for homes and businesses. They also offer green energy solutions and home protection plans.

For Residences

IGS Energy rates are fixed for electricity and natural gas plans for their residential clients. These are good options if you are not quite comfortable with the thought that prices may suddenly spike, forcing you to go over your budget for that month. Energy rates are volatile and unpredictable by nature, and sometimes it is better to just stick to a single rate throughout your contract term.

For Businesses

IGS Energy accommodates businesses of any size and from any industry. Companies with average energy usage of less than 100,000 kWh of electricity of 1000 MCF of natural gas in a year are considered small businesses. All firms consuming more than those quantities are regarded as large businesses. To reach out to IGS Energy regarding your company, simply get in touch with them through their website, and an account manager from their team should respond soon with a proposal.

Go Green

You can contribute to making the environment greener by enrolling in a product under IGS Energy’s Go Green initiative. Here, renewable energy equivalent to your consumption is delivered to the grid.


IGS Energy offers a program where you can have a Nest Thermostat E, which comes with an electric product service that is good for 2 years.

IGS Energy Promo Codes

You can easily get back some of what you spend on energy or even get to pay less in some cases. From time to time, search for promo codes for IGS Energy online, and you will be brought to several sites offering codes for discounts, gift cards, and other deals.

Be careful when supplying personal and financial information online.

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