Green Mountain Energy Rates

Green Mountain Energy Rates & Plans

You can work with Green Mountain Energy to have your home or business powered. This company services residences and businesses in Oregon, Texas, Illinois, and some east coast states, such as New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. In Maryland and Massachusetts, only residential properties are served.


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Green Mountain Energy for Homes

Residents can take advantage of different Green Mountain Energy plans. These packages reflect the company’s dedication to environmental protection and energy efficiency. Green Mountain Energy rates vary by zip code due to the different facilities and partners involved in transmitting and distributing the energy in Green Mountain Energy’s various markets.


Green Mountain Energy supports the development and use of solar power with a program called Smart People Accelerating Renewable Change or SolarSPARC. Green Mountain Energy regularly earmarks a certain amount on your behalf for helping fund projects, technologies, and programs related to solar energy. Meanwhile, you obtain and accumulate annual solar credits.

Pollution Free Efficient with Nest

Have a $249 Nest learning thermostat installed in your home. It is called such because it recalls your preferred temperatures and programs itself accordingly. It also automatically adjusts itself when you are not home, resulting in a huge amount of savings. You can even modify the temperature from any Internet-connected laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Pollution Free WaterSaver

There are two plans under WaterSaver, namely, the WaterSaver 12 and the WaterSaver 24. The first one bundles electricity and water eco-kits, and the second one combines electricity and a Rachio smart sprinkler controller.

Pollution Free Smart Lighting

Under this plan, your home gets 100% renewable wind energy and a smart lighting kit. The bulbs included in this kit consume 90% less power than do those ubiquitous incandescent bulbs and can be controlled with an accompanying app.

Green Mountain Energy for Companies

Small Businesses

Green Mountain Energy mainly offers customized solar PV systems for small businesses. They also have a buy-back program under their Renewable Rewards effort and the so-called EnTouch Energy Management System.

Large Businesses

Green Mountain Energy can help your medium or large firm earn Green Power Points for LEED Certification. You are also given tools to calculate and manage your carbon footprint. Carbon offsets and RECs are also provided.

Saving with Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain Energy promo codes can be found on many different sites. These codes are normally for credits, gift cards, and the like. You can also often find promotions on the Green Mountain Energy website, and these are mainly for rebates and other incentives.

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