Frontier Utilities Electricity Rates

Frontier Utilities Electricity Rates

Frontier Utilities Energy Plans

Packages from Frontier Utilities come in two types: standard monthly plans and the prepaid plan. These plans were designed to meet the needs of a diverse set of consumers in deregulated energy markets, and Frontier Utilities rates are very competitive for both categories. Nevertheless, the company even encourages the use of promo codes on their site for added savings.

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Standard Monthly Plans

When you enroll for the standard monthly plan, your credit will be checked and assessed to see if the deposit for your plan can be waived. Frontier Utilities guarantees that your monthly bill will be at the lowest rate that they have available. The plans under this category have fixed rates, and the contracts come in varying term lengths.

Prepaid Plan

Frontier Utilities offers a prepaid plan for those who are looking for flexibility in their retail electricity plan. These plans do not require any deposit, ID, credit check, or even your social. This takes out a lot of the hassle and delay in processing and is good news for individuals who want to keep certain details private.

You can sign up and begin service with a $30 credit if you are with Oncor, at least $50 if non-Oncor. Same-day service connection is available, and you can decide to change over to a fixed-rate (standard monthly) plan anytime for lower rates.

Customer Service

Frontier Utilities has a team of bright, experienced, and well-trained individuals dedicated to delivering client satisfaction. According to the company, all customer service representatives are trained to handle a wide variety of client concerns, ranging from the routinary to complex issues.

Industry Experience

The group of professionals behind Frontier Utilities has many years of combined experience in the industry. These are driven, results-oriented individuals who know how to deliver excellent products and services.

Client Feedback

This Houston-based retail electricity provider is backed by numerous positive customer reviews on various sites. And word does get around, considering that they get many applications driven by word of mouth. This only goes to show how satisfied people are with the quality of Frontier Utilities’ innovative products and innovative services.

Frontier Utilities Promotions

You can easily find Frontier Utilities promo codes because they are practically all over the internet. There are numerous websites offering codes for discounts, coupons, and other deals that can help you make your spending a lot more practical and smart.

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