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First Choice Power Rates & Plans

Serving Texas for more than 70 years now, First Choice Power is an established and trusted energy provider in the Lone Star state. According to them, their consistently good quality of service and customer care is what has kept them running for so long.

First Choice Power was acquired by Direct Energy in 2011 and has stuck with them since. Direct Energy is a large corporation that owns many brands catering to energy provision, installations and repairs, and more.


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First Choice Power Sample Plans

There are six First Choice Power energy plans in Houston alone. There are prepaid options, fixed-rate plans, and a no-contract package.

The most popular among these is the fixed-rate 12-month plan. In Houston, the rate is 11.7 c/kWh. The benefit of this kind of package is that because it has a fixed monthly rate, you are protected from fluctuations in electricity prices. Budgeting is also a lot easier than when you are dealing with a variable-rate plan.

Meanwhile, the no-contract plan is a mont-to-month package. There is no early cancellation fee, contrary to what you would expect from a no-contract plan. This is ideal if you will be in the area only temporarily or simply dislike being locked into a specific deal.

Social Responsibility

According to the Texas firm, their purpose means more than just keeping First Choice Power rates low. This is why the firm continuously engages in different ventures benefiting various members of society.

Right now, they are actively supporting teachers through grants. They also give work for volunteers, and they cooperate with nonprofit groups to help improve the overall quality of life of the community and its residents.

Service Areas

First Choice Power energy plans are available to facilities to 13 and counting areas in Texas. They work with five energy transmission and distribution companies to make this possible. These partners are TNMP, Centerpoint, AEP, Sharyland, and Oncor, with the largest coverage (among the service areas) being handled by Oncor.

First Choice Power Savings

There are numerous ways by which you can reduce your monthly energy bill. One of those is by searching for First Choice Power promo codes. You can find a lot of them on many third-party websites. With these codes, you can get your hands on a wide array of rewards and other perks. It can be coupons, discounts, and special deals.

We advise that you observe caution when supplying personal and financial information to such sites, however, because they are not owned by First Choice Power.

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