Express Energy Electricity Rates

Express Energy Electricity Rates

Launched in May 2017, Express Energy is a relatively new player in the competitive deregulated energy industry. Despite the company’s comparatively late appearance, they are quickly gaining customers because of the unbelievably low Express Energy rates.

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How does Express Energy offer rock-bottom rates, you say? According to them, most of the reason behind the inexpensive Express Energy energy plans is that they strive to be paperless as much as they can.

The Paperless Company

True enough, from browsing through their plans and signing up to account management and payment, transactions with Express Energy can all be done online. You and the company get to save time and cash, and you enjoy a simple, streamlined client experience.

You do not need to worry that the quality of service you are getting might decrease because your electricity will still be coming from the same power lines and other facilities (Your utility company remains the same.).

To be honest, Express Energy’s plans are indeed among the lowest we have ever seen, so we encourage you to take a quick look below at what else we know about this retail energy provider.

Energy Plans

Express Energy offers electricity for homes. To see what they have in store for residential consumers, we tweaked their website filter and used the zip code 77018 to pull up plans. In this area, there are five plans presently available.

The rates of these plans range from 2.6 c/kWh (This rate is for discrete usage band plans.) to 11.9 c/kWh, and the term lengths are 12 and 24 months.

Their most popular plan for this zip code so far is a fixed-rate package called “Quick 12,” whose term length is 12 months and rate is 6.7 c/kWh. Like many other plans from Express Energy, this one has no base charge and has only a small cancellation fee ($20 per month remaining in your contract).

As you can see, there is a gaping difference between this and plans that you commonly see from other providers.


At present, Express Energy’s reward program is for referrals. You and each of your qualified referrals earn a $25 reward card from Visa. You and your referral will receive your reward cards after your referral pays their first two bills in full and on time. In addition, you can look up Express Energy promo codes to save even more or score some great goods or deals.

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