Entrust Energy Rates

Entrust Energy Rates & Plans

Founded in 2010, this Houston, TX-based company is relatively new to the industry but has established a loyal customer base already. Entrust Energy plans apply to electricity and natural gas, and they are available for residents and businesses in IL, CA, NJ, MD, NY, PA, OH, and TX.

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Sample Entrust Energy Plans

We took a look at a few plans offered by Entrust Energy for residences in the Houston area (zip code 77001). There are four, namely, Entrust 12, Entrust 24, Texas Refresh 12, and Texas Refresh 24.

The first two are ordinary fixed-rate plans with term lengths of 12 and 24 months, rates of 9.7 c/kWh and 10.7 c/kWh per 2000 kWh, and early cancellation fees of $150 and $300.

The second two are renewable energy plans with term lengths of 12 and 24 months, rates of 9.7 c/kWh and 11.2 c/kWh per 2000 kWh, and cancellation fees of $150 and $300.

The website contains all the information you need to know about each plan, so you already have everything you need to make a decision. Facts about each plan, your rights as a consumer, and terms of service are all available in English and Spanish languages.

Entrust Energy Referral Program

Entrust Energy rates are relatively competitive, but the company nonetheless offers plenty of ways through which you can reduce your energy bill. On their website, there is information posted about their referral program.

In a nutshell, there is only one criterion that needs to be initially satisfied. You need to have been an Entrust Energy client for 45 days at the least. Once this is satisfied, you can refer a family member or a friend and get $50 in bill credit for each referral.

Take note that the bill credit shall be posted to your account after your referral has been an Entrust Energy client for 45 days.

Call Entrust Energy to refer. A client care agent will ask for your referrals’ contact information and then get in touch with them to sign them up for a Entrust Energy plan.

Entrust Energy Promo Codes

Another way you can shave off a certain amount off your bill or somehow “get back” part of what you have already paid your bill is by using promo codes. These can be found online. Sometimes, you can get coupons, deals, or other perks.

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