Direct Electricity Rates

Direct Energy Rates & Plans

Direct Energy is an umbrella organization serving all 50 US states and 10 provinces (to date) in Canada. Direct Energy is one of the largest providers of energy and energy-related services in North America. Direct Energy has also shown to be a progressive company, developing new plans, products and technology that deliver consumer insights and resources to help them save money This corporation has 12 brands under it, and here are some basic details about each company.

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Direct Energy Plans

Direct Energy plans cover electricity and natural gas supply for residences. There are also home service protection plans in certain regions of Canada and the US.

Direct Energy Business

In some areas in Canada and the US, you can sign up for natural gas or electricity plans from Direct Energy Business.

Direct Energy Solar

You can harness solar energy to power your home or business with “full-service solar energy installer” Direct Energy Solar.

Bounce Energy

You can work with this brand if your facility is in Texas. Bounce Energy focuses on rewarding customer loyalty and providing premium customer service for digitally inclined customers.

First Choice Power

This brand serves residences in Texas and emphasizes practicality. First Choice Power has some of Direct Energy’s lowest rates available and even provide prepaid plans.

CPL Retail Energy

This company offers electricity packages for residential properties in South Texas. CPL Retail Energy provides short-term plans and multi-year packages and allows consumers to have free electricity on Saturdays.

WTU Retail Energy

Working with several Texas affiliates, WTU Retail Energy promises customer-centered service to residents in West Texas.

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

This company provides 24/7 installation, maintenance, repair, and emergency work for HVAC systems nationwide.

Mister Sparky

This company offers electrical repairs for homes nationwide, including emergency servicing. They also design and install electrical systems and parts, maintenance checkups, and related services.

Home Warranty of America

Any unexpected expense caused by broken down appliances and emergency home repairs nationwide can be covered by Home Warranty of America. This organization accommodates condos, townhomes, and houses nationwide.

Benjamin Franklin

Also catering to residences, Benjamin Franklin takes pride in offering on-time plumbing services.


If you are a homeowner needing to rent appliances, maybe AWHR can help. They offer stoves, water heaters, dryers, and washers.

Save with Direct Energy

Many consumers find Direct Energy rates to be quite affordable, but what is even better news is that you can further reduce your bill through the use of Direct Energy promo codes. You can get bill credits worth $50 or so. You can also receive gift cards, discounts, and coupons.

There are no promo codes that are being offered directly on the company’s site, so exercise prudence when supplying your information to third-party websites to be entitled to these perks.

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