CPL Retail Energy Electricity Rates

CPL Retail Energy Electricity Rates

As part of the Direct Energy family, CPL Retail Energy places emphasis on connecting with the communities and individuals they work with. Focusing on South Texas, the company states that it highlights offering economical, customer-centric, and reliable energy-related services.

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CPL Retail Energy has over 2000 employees, all of whom are from Texas. The company takes pride in sharing information, processes, and other resources to maximize efficiency and deliver globally competitive services while remaining true to their heritage and customer service commitment.

Markets Served

CPL Retail Energy energy plans are currently available in numerous areas. These include Corpus Christi, Victoria, McAllen, and Harlingen, just to name a few. They offer electricity for homes and businesses, as well as added services for residential customers, including home protection plans and home services.

Residential Electricity Plans

The website of CPL Retail Energy shows plans available for Corpus Christi by default. If you click “All Plans,” you will see five plans in total, with rates ranging from approximately 11.7 c/kWh to 12.5 c/kWh.

These plans are quite varied in nature. There are fixed-rate plans with and without free weekend electricity and a month-to-month plan, which you may like if you are the type who is always on the go.

Business Electricity Plans

Prospective clients looking into signing up for a business electricity plan from CPL Retail Energy are directed to the Direct Energy website. There are separate portals for small businesses and for industrial and commercial entities.

Home Protection Plans

These plans allow you to call on CPL Retail Energy for any preventive or repair service needed by your HVAC and plumbing systems. Energy providers who offer this service are rare.

HVAC Services

CPL Retail Energy offers the so-called one-hour HVAC guarantee. Simply put, they help you out with troubles related to your HVAC system.

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