Constellation Electricity Rates

Constellation Electricity Rates

Formerly known as StarTex Power, Constellation provides energy to more or less 2 million residential, business, and government or public sector clients. These include around two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies, which says a lot about the legacy and reputation of Constellation.

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Constellation Commitment

This energy provider is dedicated to innovating and upholding transparency and dependability in service. They remain faithful to their commitment, seeing that Constellation is among the top retail providers of natural gas in the states today.

Services for Homes and Businesses

Constellation energy plans are diverse and available in 47 states. The company offers natural gas, electricity, and renewable energy, such as solar power. These packages are available for residences, small firms, and large commercial companies.

Residential Plans

For homes, there are fixed-rate plans and variable-rate packages. Fixed rates are ideal when you want to avoid potential spikes in your electricity charges caused by fluctuations in electricity cost. Variable rates are recommended for those whose consumption patterns vary considerably. Pay less when you use less, and pay more only when needed!

For example, in the 77001 area, there are three plans available currently, all of which are served through Centerpoint. There is a variable month-to-month plan, which has an average rate of 18.2 c/kWh.

There is a “green” 12-month plan, which is also provided through Centerpoint. Its average rate, based on 1000 kWh usage, is 12.50 c/kWh. The last plan is a 12-month usage bill credit plan. It is also provided through Centerpoint, has no minimum usage fee, and has an average price of 10.8 c/kWh.

Commercial Plans

To find out more about the energy plans available for your business, it is best to contact Constellation through the channels stated on their website. You are asked to provide information about the nature of your business, together with other pertinent details.

Reduce Your Bill with Constellation

The company partners with Sunrun to provide solar energy to four states, and renewable energy plans are available in many of their service areas. Constellation rates are relatively affordable, but you can save even more with the use of Constellation promo codes.

These codes can be found on multiple sites. With them, you can score yourself some gift cards, new customer deals, discount coupons, and other attractive deals.

Take note, however, that these are third-party sites, so you must exercise caution when supplying your personal information. Pay attention to terms and conditions, as well as expiration, if any.

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