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The 1.23 million-strong population and sheer land area of Dallas have made it the ninth largest city in the United States. It has even been rated as a “beta plus” world city, and this further increases the need for affordable and efficient energy for both residential and commercial properties.

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As the city continues to grow and more new energy providers enter the deregulated Dallas energy market, electricity rates in Dallas become increasingly varied. However, they still follow more or less the same general trend: spiking at the beginning of spring and dipping during the end and start of the year.

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Dallas Electricity Deregulation

To plan sound energy-related actions, you must know some background about the energy deregulation in Dallas. This began with the passing of the so-called Bill 7 in 2002, which freed Dallas residents and business owners from the restriction of working with only one energy provider.

The deregulation benefits you in two ways. First, you are free to choose your electricity provider. Take note that delivery still lies in the utility, but this does not offset the benefit of Bill 7 even slightly. Second, energy providers in Dallas are practically racing against one another to provide the best and most affordable electricity. All you have to do is look.

Energy Initiatives in Dallas

The city of Dallas has an ISO 14001 certification under its belt, which proves the city’s commitment to implementing effective environmental management systems. As a home or business owner, you are encouraged to “greenify” your energy use as well.

Businesses with buildings measuring 10,000 square feet or more are awarded a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating. Meanwhile, an umbrella initiative called Green Dallas addresses energy-related issues, such as the use of alternative energy sources, in the entire city.

Homeowners are encouraged to reduce their electricity consumption through various means, such as recycling, planting trees, using energy-efficient appliances, and using public transportation, bikes, and other modes.

Dallas and Wind Energy

A few years ago, according to the US EPA, Dallas bought wind energy credits to cover half of the city’s operations. A while later, the city bought credits for the remaining half, so Dallas now has credits for 100% renewable energy.

This is an incredible development, given that Dallas is among the top 10 energy users in the country that is partnered with the US EPA. The city sits behind such major players as (in no particular order) Mars Inc., Google, Kohl’s, Microsoft, Apple, and Intel.

EvolPower can help you contribute to Dallas’ actions toward reducing the city’s harmful environmental impact. Our team of professionals can give you sound advice and help you come up with effective plans of action to go green.

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