Compare Commercial Rates

Compare Commercial Energy Rates & Plans

The deregulation of the energy market in many cities has benefited millions of businesses and continues to do so today. As a consumer, you have the freedom to choose who supplies your energy and are even bombarded with many plans and packages with low rates and attractive perks from different companies.

While they all generally offer benefits for you and your business, the fact remains that no two plans are created equal. Therefore, the practical thing to do is still to compare commercial electricity rates.


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A business facility’s energy needs outdo those of residential properties in terms of quantity and complexity. This is why finding the right energy solution for your firm is not as simple as getting some recommendations from your relatives and neighbors.

Things to Consider

Here are some things to look into when comparing packages from different energy providers.

Actual Consumption (kWh)

Before looking at the electricity prices or rates offered by energy providers, calculate your actual consumption. This is because many companies offer lower rates the higher your actual usage is.

Fixed and Variable Rates

With a fixed-rate plan, you pay the same amount month after month regardless of your actual consumption. With variable-rate plans, you pay for what you use up.

The good thing about fixed-rate packages is that you can budget more easily than with variable-rate packages. However, when market prices fall, you can end up overpaying for your electricity. You can protect yourself from these risks by finding companies who do not charge too much for early cancellation or by signing up for short-term plans, for example.

The key advantage to signing up for a variable-rate plan is that you never risk overpaying. However, the market can be quite volatile at times, which means prices can sometimes spike or dip, thereby making budget forecasting difficult. The key to avoiding this problem is learning how to read market trends and foresee potential fluctuations.


To compete with one another, energy providers offer a wide array of perks for company owners. Look out for rewards, cash back, gifts, on-time payment incentives, and bonuses for those who reach a certain usage amount in a given period.

There are even firms that can bundle up your energy package with your corporate frequent flier programs and other bigger incentives. Pay attention to these because you can end up saving a lot more than expected by taking advantage of these incentives.

Contract Provisions

All contracts have sheet after sheet of fine print. As a rule of thumb, read all of it before signing. Pay special attention to mentions of early cancellation fees and any minimum usage amounts that have to be reached.

Signing Up

Comparing electricity providers and plans is the most difficult part of finding or switching to a provider. If you have all the requirements taken care of, the rest of the process should be easy and smooth.

Simply give your utility account number, address, and contact details. After enrollment, information about your switching will be forwarded to your utility company. They will then apply the new plan pricing to your following bill.

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