Clearview Energy Electricity Rates

Clearview Energy Electricity Rates

This energy provider is an established company that is currently serving 13 states: Texas, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Illinois, Delaware, Washington DC, and Connecticut.

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Living Green

On their website, Clearview Energy proudly declares its effort to harvest energy from clean sources, such as landfill gas or biogas, hydro, wind, and solar. According to the company, energy coming from these sources produce low or no pollution at all and limited land impact. They are also completely renewable and help preserve and protect the environment.

This is in stark contrast with energy from traditional sources, such as coal, nuclear, and natural gas, which cause such problems as particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions and mercury contamination.

To be involved in Clearview Energy’s green living effort, simply check out their website and start by entering your zip code on the Living Green “How It Works” page.

Clearview Energy Energy Plans and Electricity Products

The company is very transparent when it comes to their products and services. All the information is readily available on their website. They have fixed- and variable-rate plans that provide electricity and green energy. The term lengths vary over a wide range, so you should find it easy to look for something that matches the kind of commitment that addresses your needs, usage pattern, and home setup.

Green Energy Plans

The company’s green electricity plans are 100% sourced from renewable energy sources, mostly wind. According to Clearview Energy, the power provided by their green energy plans is just as reliable as that offered by their conventional packages. These green plans are a great way to somewhat relieve the demand on the grid and prevent substantial increases in our collective carbon footprint.

Clearview Energy Rates

We browsed through Clearview Energy’s rates for their fixed-rate plans. The prices vary by utility. During the first three months, you enjoy super low rates (The lowest we saw was 6/79 c/kWh for Comed.). For the next nine months, you are placed on the regular rates, which in our opinion are still relatively competitive (ranging from 8.49 c/kWh to 9.99 c/kWh).

Clearview Energy Promo Codes

We were not able to find promo codes on the Clearview Energy online portal. However, we did see promo codes from third-party entities that you may be able to use to reduce your Clearview Energy bill.

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