Circular Energy Electricity Rates

Circular Energy Electricity Rates

Circular Energy is a retail electricity provider in deregulated energy markets in Texas. This company provides residential and business clients with effective, efficient, and innovative energy solutions.

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According to the company, they are dedicated to developing cutting-edge products, offering valuable guidance, and tailoring their services to your needs to be steps ahead of the competition. They also place special emphasis on providing sustainable energy solutions that are also resilient and affordable while remaining impressive in quality.

Circular Energy’s employees comprise bright individuals who have plenty of experience in the industry. They have been working in the retail and wholesale energy markets for a long while and reportedly have a “strong financial backing.”


In general, Circular Energy plans revolve around providing low-cost clean energy and energy management solutions. They offer conventional grid-based power and clean, renewable energy.

For Homes

Circular Energy plans for residential customers are designed to offer control, simplicity, and price certainty. These packages have fixed rates, which means you get to easily make and follow your monthly budget.

For Businesses

The company takes pride in providing simple plans that business owners can easily understand. Circular Energy rates can vary a lot, depending on the type of plan you end up getting for your business, so it is best to contact Circular Energy first and make your request for a quote as detailed as possible.

Solar Buyback Program

If you have a solar array, you can sell unused PV generation through this program to get back some of your spending.

Solar Energy Development

Circular Energy designs and builds solar power plants and offers such services as site prospecting, rebate and incentive determination, project finance option analysis, environmental impact analysis, installation and commissioning, performance of feasibility studies, power bill and requirement analyses, system layout design, and engineering and design.

Their clients include Jaime D. Padron Elementary School, La Vida Apartments, Streamline Technology Services, Hilton Home Suites, Lake Austin Marina, Elsa England Elementary School, Thundercloud Subs, Witherspoon Distillery, Westlake Dermatology, Tito’s Handmade Vodka Ground Mount, and more.


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