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Champion Energy Services Rates & Plans

According to Champion Energy Services, there are at least 5 reasons their existing clients chose to work with them. They do not require you to use up a certain minimum amount of energy; there are no penalties for using too little or incentives for using a lot.

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They also do not charge for paper bills, unlike what many companies are doing today. You can also pay in any manner for free. Their client service representatives are available anytime, and calling them is free as well.

Finally, according to the provider, Champion Energy Services energy plans are very easy to understand. They do not have any fine print or any element that may confuse you. They also strive to ensure that Champion Energy Services rates are not burdensome for all service areas.

Champion Energy Services Plans

Residential plans place emphasis on going green. Champion Energy Services calls these packages Green Power plans. Basically, these are fixed-rate plans that offers the same security and main benefits as other packages from Champion Energy Services.

The company does this by purchasing renewable energy credits on your behalf. Champion Energy Services buys these credits from wind farms that directly supply the grid. As you use up energy, those credits that were purchased on your behalf are “retired.” This way, you are indirectly contributing to the protection of the environment and the promotion of the use of renewable energy.

Other Package Details

If you use Smart Meter, you get weekly reports from Champion Energy Services detailing your energy usage. They also send reminders when your contract is about to expire. You choose how to receive your bill each month, and you also get to decide how you want to pay.

According to Champion Energy Services, there are no hidden fees. Moreover, you get to take advantage of their standard refer-a-friend promo.

Get Chances to Save with Champion Energy Services

Champion Energy Services promo codes are available on the company site itself. Right now, for example, there is an ongoing promo in which you get rewarded a hefty $100 gift card after your second Champion Energy Services bill.

They also have an ongoing tie-up with SB Nation Radio 1560 AM. You get their preferred partner rates when you use the promo code 1560.

Champion Energy Services changes offers every now and then, so it is always best to keep yourself updated by checking your bill and their website.

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