Brilliant Energy Rates

Brilliant Energy Rates & Plans

Brilliant Energy is a relatively new energy provider. They are based in Houston and has been in operation since 2007, when the deregulated market was ripe for competition in the wake of the passing of the deregulation bill in 2002.

Brilliant Energy has proven time and again that they are indeed great at customer service, which is something the market needs badly due to the long years of poor client care of many utility companies. Brilliant Energy was once awarded by the Better Business Bureau for three consecutive years for delivering stellar client service.


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Brilliant Energy Plans

You can sign up for Brilliant Energy plans to have your home or business facility powered. Brilliant Energy rates are also quite easy to work with, and it is only a matter of finding which plan addresses your specific concerns.

Residential Energy Plans

Brilliant Energy’s residential plans come in term lengths of 6, 12, 24, and 36 months. There are three plans available, namely, Brilliant Freedom, Brilliant Green, and Brilliant PetLovers.

Brilliant Freedom

The most popular residential plan so far, Brilliant Freedom has low rates and flexible billing and payment options.

Brilliant Green

According to Brilliant Energy, this plan combines the affordable rates and flexibility of Brilliant Freedom with the advantages of using renewable energy. Under this plan, you get 100% renewable green power.

Brilliant PetLovers

This is a charity package by Brilliant Energy. Part of your payment for your Brilliant PetLovers plan goes to pet shelters as donation.

Commercial Energy Plans

There is an even wider range of packages available for commercial clients. Simply enter your zip code on the Brilliant Energy website to see the plans available for your area. In case you are not yet ready, you can request a quote instead. Brokers are also welcome.

Let Brilliant Energy Help You Save

As a practical budgeting expert, you surely already know how to reduce your monthly energy bill. Remember to always be on the lookout for Brilliant Energy promo codes. The company is very actively giving these out through their social media accounts, most notably on Facebook and Twitter.

You can get discounts, gift cards, and other special deals. In addition, Brilliant Energy promo codes can be found on various deals sites. Terms and conditions may vary per promotion; for example, you need to pay three consecutive bills on time for a certain gift card. Other times, a promo may be exclusively tied to a specific product only.

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