APG&E Energy Solution Electricity Rates

APG&E Energy Solutions Electricity Rates

Founded in 2004 by small business owners, APG&E Energy Solutions started out with energy plans for homes and small companies. Over time, the company managed to expand toward other markets throughout the US. Now, APG&E Energy Solutions energy plans are available in the deregulated markets of New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio as well.

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Serviced Clients

APG&E Energy Solutions offers fixed-rate energy plans for residences and small companies. The main advantage of fixed rates is that you are protected from the potentially costly volatility of energy prices. Moreover, your monthly budgeting becomes easier because you can predict how much you will have to pay for your energy.

Meanwhile, large businesses are encouraged to contact APG&E Energy Solutions directly for proposals that are customized according to their specific requirements. The company takes pride in having bright and experienced professionals who can propose optimal strategies for large companies.

APG&E Energy Solutions partners with well-known utilities to provide services to a wide range of consumers in the markets they serve. These include TNMP, Centerpoint, Pepco, Duquesne Light, PPL, AEP Ohio Power, Dayton Power & Light, TXU/Oncor, AEP North, AEP Central, PSE&G, and First Energy Toledo Edison, just to name a few.

Customer Service Commitment

According to APG&E Energy Solutions, they capitalize on their relatively small size and nimbleness. They use their size and structure to create family-like relationships with their customers and develop energy plans that are specifically customized to meet their requirements as closely as possible.

They can be reached online through client service representatives and through their affiliates or partners.

Sample Plans

We took a look at some sample plans offered by APG&E Energy Solutions. With 77018 as the zip code, their website yielded three plans: Affordable Saver 12, Affordable Saver 24, and Affordable Classic Green 12, all of which are fixed-rate plans. APG&E Energy Solutions rates for these packages range from 11.7 c/kWh to 12.6 c/kWh.

Wise Spending with APG&E Energy Solutions

You can lessen your spending on energy or at least recover some of what you pay using APG&E Energy Solutions promo codes. Available on many well-known sites, these codes should be easy to find. A quick online search yields tens of results in a few seconds. It is only a matter of finding a website you trust and understanding the terms of each promotional code.

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