Andeler Power Electricity Rates

Andeler Power Electricity Rates

This retail energy provider is a relatively small company based in Texas. Andeler Power offers various plans with variable and fixed rates and a wide range of term lengths. Andeler Power energy plans are available to residences and small businesses in deregulated markets in Texas.

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Andeler Power rates are more or less average. For example, for homes, the base charge can range from $9.95 to $12.95. The early termination fees, however, are a little higher than usual, ranging from $200 to $400 for the fixed-rate plans (Variable-rate plans do not have such fees at the moment.).


Residential (Fixed Rate)

We took a look at some residential plans being offered by Andeler Power. There are fixed-rate residential packages, and they are available in term lengths of 6, 12, and 24 months. The base charge for these plans is currently $9.95.

The cons are that there are no renewable plans available under this category. The rate switches to the standard variable one after the end of your contract unless you request to terminate at least a month before the contract end date.

The main advantage of signing up for fixed-rate plans is that you are protected from the possibly costly fluctuations in the price of energy throughout a year. These plans are ideal for those who do not need to relocate soon.

Residential (Variable Rate)

Andeler Power offers a month-to-month plan, and the base charge is $12.95. We recommend this plan for people or families who frequently move or relocate. You do not want to commit to a months-long contract if you are likely to move soon. The disadvantage, though, is that variable-rate plans generally have higher rates than fixed-rate ones. Moreover, the variations in rate are also affected by the energy provider’s discretion.

Green Plans

Andeler Power presently does not offer a plan with 100% renewable energy. Their current mix has 2% only. (For perspective, the Texas average is 10.7%.) However, we think it is worth looking forward to how Andeler Power will develop these, given that environmental awareness is increasing among US residents.

Promo Codes

Andeler Power promo codes can be searched online. Promotions can vary a lot, depending on the season and the website offering them. It should not be too difficult to obtain such codes. A lot of times, all you have to do is enter your email, visit a website, and other simple tasks.

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