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Amigo Energy Rates & Plans

Working with home and business owners in the Lone Star state for many years now, Amigo Energy is an established and trusted name. According to the company, they are dedicated to providing affordable, “environmentally responsible power” to their clients.


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Amigo Energy Rates

The company prides itself in offering fixed-rate plans with no hidden charges. This seems to work with their clients, seeing how their “truly fixed plan” is their best-selling one to date, according to their website.

In this scheme, you pay a fixed rate for 12 months. All relevant charges are already bundled into your monthly bill. That includes the electricity cost and charges from your energy transmission and distribution company.

Custom Packages

Amigo Energy plans vary depending on whether you are a residential or commercial client. In fact, the company goes so far as to offer custom packages at affordable prices. Amigo Energy’s website allows you to arrive at an appropriate plan through a simple and easily understandable and user-friendly website feature.

Need a good reason to switch suppliers? Amigo Energy can help you save up to 25% on your energy bill by switching.

You begin by selecting a consumer profile that fits you. The options serve as filters, and plans are suggested on the basis of your selected profile. For example, clicking on the “renter” profile shows you the suggested “truly fixed plan.”

Truly Fixed Plan

Depending on some qualifying factors, you may be entitled to a deposit waiver. Amigo Energy appears to consider more than just credit, according to their statement on their site. In fact, most of their clients apparently qualify for deposit payment plans.

An optional add-on to this plan is getting renewable energy credits for an added $5 per month. This feature is called JustGreen, and it was designed to support projects exploring wind and solar energy.

Cash Back from Amigo Energy

There are plenty of ways you can save when you work with Amigo Energy. If you are a new customer, you stand to receive a welcome bonus worth $50, which should appear as a rebate on your third bill.

The firm has a loyalty program where you are rewarded 10% cash back from your paid energy charges. This reward shows on your bill as a credit every 6 months. You can take advantage of this promotion regardless of whether you are a new or existing residential client. Use the Amigo Energy promo code AP_CASHBACK when enrolling, and you are good to go.

Get in touch with Amigo Energy to learn about the terms and conditions of these promos.

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