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American Light & Power Rates

You can sign up for American Light & Power plans regardless of whether it is a home or a business facility you need energy for. There is a big number of plans available, and they are highly inclusive. American Light & Power rates can be quite flexible, thanks to the range of these energy packages.


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American Light & Power Residential Energy Plans

All residential packages from American Light & Power can be grouped into four major categories: Smart Power 12, Smart Power 6, Smart Power 24, and Anytime Power. Save for the last, all of these are fixed-rate plans. Smart Power 12, 6, and 24 have term lengths of 12, 6, and 24 months, respectively. Anytime Power is a no-contract (hence month-to-month) variable-rate plan.

Let us take a Houston (zip code 77001; distributor CenterPoint) residential plan for example. It is called Smart Power 36 – Autopay. The fixed rate is 10 c/kWh, and the term length is 36 months. The rate remains the same for monthly consumption of 500 kWh to 2000 kWh. The early cancellation fee is $150.

Need a good reason to switch suppliers? American Light & Power can help you save up to 25% on your energy bill by switching.

For the same zip code, the Anytime Power – Month to Month is offered, but its rate is noticeably higher than that of the first plan. It is 12.50 c/kWh, and that applies for minimum consumption of 2000 kWh in a month. If the monthly use totals 1000 kWh, the rate becomes 13 c/kWh. If you use up merely 500 kWh, then your rate becomes 13.99 c/kWh.

American Light & Power Business Energy Plans

You can sign up for business plans from American Light & Power regardless of the size of your company. If you have a small business, you can select from any of the plans that are already currently available.

If you have a medium or large company, you can get in touch with an American Light & Power representative. You simply tell them what your business needs, and they will help you come up with an ideal plan with a good price.

Cost Reduction with American Light & Power

Costs continue to rise even as you work hard to reduce your energy consumption. This is why it is important that you know some workarounds in addition to the basic techniques of using energy-efficient appliances, reducing energy use altogether, and so on.

American Light & Power promo codes are posted every now and then on many different sites. Some of these are for deals coupons, discounts, and the like. Promo codes for American Light & Power are not as abundant as those of other providers, so it is important that you check more often.

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