We find you the best energy solution to improve your business bottom line

What We Do?


Evol Power offers energy management and consulting services for commercial and industrial businesses.  If your business operates in a deregulated market, we will help you find the right provider and solution to help your business cut its operating costs and save money

Energy Procurement

We offer procurement solutions to make sure that you can choose from a variety of options for your energy purchases. We compare rates, supplier services, and more to make sure that your energy requirements are met at the best price. These services enable our clients to cut energy costs and draw up accurate budgets.


Energy use of any kind impacts the environment in some way. We offer strategies and options that can help you make your business more eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint. As experienced energy brokers we have the expertise and knowledge to find the right environmentally-oriented solutions for you.

Risk Management

The energy market and rates are volatile and can change without any notice. This may affect your energy costs and lead to high and unexpected energy bills. We help you manage these risks so you can budget with certainty and avoid surprise energy costs. With our tailor-made procurement and risk management strategies, you have nothing to worry about.

Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiations form part of the procurement process. Finding the right energy supplier is just the first step. Evol Power negotiates rates, supply agreement terms, and terms of service. The conditions and terms for different energy suppliers can be widely different and we ensure that your business gets the best options while avoiding unknown pitfalls.

How We Do It?

Strong Connections with Suppliers

We have good relationships with many different energy suppliers which give us access to active pricing and competitive offerings. We connect with well-known suppliers like Direct Energy, Liberty Power, Champion Energy, Hudson Energy, and many more.

Knowledge, Expertise, and Resources

We have the knowledge, expertise and resources needed to manage the energy supply market and find the suppliers, rates, terms of service, etc. that your business needs. To successfully procure the best energy options you need in-depth knowledge of the market.

Technology Innovation

We make use of technological systems that allow us to access rates and prices at any time. We navigate the maze and mass of data on behalf of your business to find the best solutions to suit your needs. With the help of technology, we get you answers fast.

Energy Use Assessments

We assess our clients’ energy use and base our procurement process and strategy on that information. Every business has different operational requirements and we take this into account when looking for the best energy supplier and rates for your business.

Our Process


Our process involves several aspects to make sure that we always get you the best supplier and rates.